Where to find your National Insurance Number

Where to find your National Insurance Number? A national insurance number can be found on your pay slip, P60 or letters about tax, pensions and benefits.

For people who are self employed you can log into your online gateway and navigate to your national insurance number link. In this page you are able to see your national insurance number and print of a copy.

Your national insurance number has 3 letters and 6 numbers. Your National insurance number is laid out like the following example; AB 12 34 56 C.

If you cannot locate your national insurance number on any of the above sources you can phone the HMRC on 0300 200 3500. You may be able to request your national insurance number over the phone, if not your will need to fill in the CA5403 form or use our service to help you request your number.

Non-UK Resident who haven’t started working and are new to the UK.

Where to find your national insurance number if you are a non-uk resident. For people who have entered the UK on work visas may have a national insurance number already issued to them and printed on the back of their BRP card. National Insurance Numbers are only automatically issued to UK citizens and on some types of BRP cards when entering the UK.

If you are in the UK and need a National Insurance Number you must contact the Job Center Plus to start the process. The process involves phoning the Job Center Plus (waiting time takes between 10-30mins to be connected and 10-15 minutes once connected), you will need to speak clear and good English to apply. For Eu-Citizens and persons who have had a visa updated in the UK will be given an appointment date and time at your closest job center plus. You will need to attend the appointment with the requested documentation.

Non-EU persons arriving in the UK on a VISA will have a postal application they will need to complete. The application must be completed and sent back to the HMRC with requested documentation.

There our services set up to make the process as easy as possible. The Services can apply on your behalf so there is no need to wait on the phone or speak English, theirs applications can be translated into a language of your choice.