I’m 16 and haven’t received a national insurance number

I’m 16 and haven’t received a national insurance number. If your 16 and haven’t received a National Insurance Number you will need to call or send a letter to the HMRC to request your number. The number to call is 0300 200 3500. The process of locating your National Insurance Number can take between 2-4 weeks.

If you require help you can apply online with us and we will send you out a replacement application pack – Apply Online

You might not have received your National Insurance Number for a number of reasons. You might have not told the HMRC about a change of  your address. Your number could have been sent to an old home address.

The main reason for not getting a National Insurance Number is leaving the UK. If you left the UK for a period of time before the age of 16 you probably won’t be automatically issued with a NI number. The reason being is the HMRC still think your living outside of the UK and therefor won’t need to issue you with one.

National Insurance Numbers are needed for employment, to make sure you pay the correct amount of tax. In some cases your number is needed to open a bank account and education purposes. The process of locating a lost national insurance number can take between 2-6 weeks so its advised you apply as soon as possible.

You can apply for confirmation of your number using our service which takes all the hassle out of the process (administration fee applies), the application takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. The printed forms will arrive at your home address ready to be singed and sent in the pre-paid envelope provided. All applications are checked for omissions and errors.

Why do i need a National Insurance Number?

A potential employer may have to put yourself onto emergency tax, which means you will end up paying more tax than you should be while you want for your National Insurance Number. The extra tax paid will be paid back in the form of a rebate.

National Insurance Numbers may also be needed when registering to Vote and for your local doctors surgery. It is important to replace a Lost National Insurance Number or get in touch with the HMRC if you have not received your national insurance number within a month of your 16th birthday.

National Insurance Number help line is 0300 200 3500.

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