Apply for a new National Insurance Number

If you are new to the UK and plan on working you will need to apply for a New National Insurance Number. When it comes to obtaining a new National Insurance Number you have a couple of options.

You can call the HMRC directly on 0800 141 2075 Monday to Fridays 8am to 6pm. You will need to answer questions about yourself, which will include name, nationality, address, phone number and marital status. During the day wait times can be up 55 minutes with the best time of the day to call up early morning. Once you have been registered you will be invited to attend an interview at your local job center plus. Everyone who wishes to apply for a National Insurance Number must attend an interview. The interview is to check your EU ID or VISA to ensure you have the right to work in the UK. To rebook your interview you must call the same number.

If you don’t have the time to reply you are able to use an agency such as The agency will gather your information and apply on your behalf. Most of the time your interview will be set up and sent to your email address. Using an agency is very convenient but it does come with a cost.

After your interview your National Insurance Number will be sent to your home address within 4-6 weeks. Your local Job Centre will give you a phone number to call if your number does not arrive. You are able to work up to 9 weeks in the UK while you wait for your National Insurance Number interview and letter.

You must keep your National Insurance Number letter safe. Your employer will most likely ask for proof of your number. Do not worry If you have lost your National Insurance Number you can use our online service to assist you.

Currently there is no set news on Brexit and how it will effect applying for a National Insurance Number.