Lost National Insurance Number Service

Update your personal details such as address and name. You might not have received your National Insurance Number by your 16th birthday due to a change of address without letting the HMRC know. You can recover a lost National Insurance Number and change your personal details at the same time.

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You are able to recover your number online if you have lost or forgotten your national insurance number. You are unable to apply for a brand new number once you have been allocated one. 

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Disclaimer: You can apply directly at the DWP, HMRC or contact Job Centre Plus. We have no affiliations with the Department for Work and Pension, Job Centre Plus or any UK government body. Applications can be made directly with the HMRC where there will be no service fee. We cannot grant you your National Insurance Number ourselves, the decision rests solely with the HMRC. Please see our lost National Insurance Number service below. We are a third party agency who provide a verification and audit service for National Insurance Numbers. We will contact you if there are any mistakes on your application. Mistakes and errors can delay the process of recovering your National Insurance Number.

1 - Fill In Application

Fill in our replacement application form. You are able to change your personal details at the same time as recovering your National Insurance Number. You must answer all the questions that apply

2 - Review & Confirm

Review the information you have submitted. Make sure all the information you have given is correct (all applications will be checked for errors before being sent). You must include all your pervious addresses if applicable. 

3 - Pay & Submit Application

Once your application has been submitted a member or our team will review your application. All documents will be printed and sent to your home address to be signed. A pre paid envelope will be supplied for you to send to the HMRC. 

Lost National Insurance Number

A lost National Insurance Number can be recovered using our service. Once payment has been made your application will be checked for admissions and errors before processing. You will receive an replacement application pack in the post within 2-4 working days. Inside this letter will contain your completed replacement documents ready for you to sign and a prepaid envelope. Once the documents have been signed you will need to place them inside the envelope provided and send them in the post. The envelopes are pre printed with the HMRC address. 

When you get a National Insurance Number

If you was born in the UK you will get your National Insurance Number around your 16th birthday. You might not receive your National Insurance Number due to a change in personal details without letting the HMRC know. You are able to change your personal details using our name change application. Your National Insurance Number is with you for life and you are unable to change it. 

National Insurance Number purpose

A National Insurance Number is necessary for many reasons. The main function of a National Insurance Number is to record National Insurance contributions and the tax you pay is properly recorded against your name. You are also able to use it as a reference number when contacting the HMRC. Your employer will need your National Insurance Number.

Update your personal details

You might not have received your National Insurance Number by your 16th birthday due to a personal detail change such as address without letting the HMRC know. You are able to use our lost National Insurance Number form to update your details and to request a copy of your number. National Insurance Number Lost service is easy to use.

How to recover your National Insurance Number

1 - You can phone the HMRC directly which is free of charge. If you are unable to recover your number on the phone you will need to print off a CA5403 from the government website and send it to the HMRC. You will have to pay for the cost of the call (if applicable) or have access to a printer and postal envelops. Official website available at https://www.gov.uk.

2- You can use our service to recover your lost National Insurance Number. We understand not everyone has a printer, stamps and envelopes. For a small processing fee we will send you your pre-filled and checked documents ready for you to sign and send in the paid envelope we have provided. Our site is independent form the HMRC, job centre plus or any government body. We offer a audit and submission service to help you recover a lost National Insurance Number. Contact details can be found on our contact page.

Lost national insurance number Service Table outlining the services available

Where can you find your Lost National Insurance Number?

  • You may be able to find your National Insurance number on:
  • Your P60 End of Year Certificate (given to you by your employer)
  • Your Payslip
  • A copy of your Self Assessment tax return
  • Other HMRC letters and forms about tax, pensions or benefits

Please note - your National Insurance number cannot, on its own, be used to prove your identity.

National Insurance Numbers are used in the UK for tax purposes, even if you only plan on working part time and your pay is to low to pay National Insurance contributions you will still need one. Most UK employers will require your NI number in order to apply for an employment role. The process of obtaining a National Insurance Number that has been lost or misplaced can take a number of weeks to find, so make sure you start the process of finding your National Insurance Number before looking for employment.

What is the quickest way to find a lost National Insurance Number?

The quickest way of finding your National Insurance Number is to phone the HMRC directly, this process takes around 2-3 weeks providing they are able to find your details in the system. If the HMRC can not find your lost national insurance number your will need to fill out a CA5403 from which can be found on the HMRC website. The CA5403 form will take around 10 minutes to complete and you will need to fill out all the questions correctly, they include your past 2 pervious address’s if applicable and personal information. The CA5403 form process takes around 4-6 weeks to recover your National Insurance Number, printing and postage costs will need to be supplied by the applicant. To streamline the process, you are able to apply online with us, all you have to do is fill in our online application and all your forms will be sent to your address ready to sign and send in the prepaid envelope provided.

Non-UK citizens will be able to find their National Insurance Number printed on the back of their BRP card (Biometric Residence Permit). If your NI number is not already on the back of your BRP card you will need to recover your number using the lost national insurance number process stated above.

Lost National Insurance Number Cards Ended in 2011

Job agency’s will require paper evidence of your National Insurance Number to register. It will need to be photocopied and returned to yourself. From 2011 the HMRC no longer issue Ni Number cards and instead issue a HMRC headed official letter.

People who have moved to the UK can work in the UK for 9 weeks without a National Insurance Number, you should tell your employer that you have already applied for a National Insurance Number.

The move was expected to save the HMRC £820,000 a year.

Has your lost national insurance number been sent to the wrong address

A letter will now be sent Instead of a National Insurance Number card to UK citizens on their 16th birthday. Generally, you do not need to register to receive a National Insurance Number and UK citizens will be automatically sent one. Children of parents who have claimed any sort of child tax relief or benefits will have been registered in the system. Children that have left the country at an early age or for a parodic period may not have been registered and will not receive a National Insurance Number. Another common reason for not receiving your National Insurance Number is due to a change of address and not letting the HMRC know. It is quite possible your National Insurance Number got sent to your pervious address.

In the case of not receiving your National Insurance Number we recommend following the lost National Insurance Number process to double check you are not already registered and there was a problem with your registered address or postage. If you are unable to recover your lost National Insurance Number, you will need to apply for a New National Insurance Number by phone the Job Center Plus on 0345 600 0643. The Job Centre plus is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm. The process of applying for a new National Insurance Number involves booking an interview at your local Job Centre Plus and producing some of the following documents passport or identity card, residence permit, birth or adoption certificate, marriage or civil partnership certificate, driving license. A letter will be sent to yourself prior to the interview explaining everything you will need to bring.

Not receiving a National Insurance Number by your 16th birthday

You can use our lost National Insurance Number service to see if your National Insurance Number has been sent to a old address. You can update your details within the application. The application requires you to enter your past 2 pervious address's (if applicable) with the dates (dd/mm/yyyy) you moved into and out of the address. Your number will be sent to your new address and your details with the HMRC will be updated.

What information will you need to recover your number?

When phoning the lost national insurance number helpline you will need to provide information about yourself in order to recover your national insurance number. The national insurance number helpline is 0300 200 3500.

The minimum information required would be you full name, Address and any pervious addresses you have had. If the information you provide is not what matches the HMRC system or is not enough you will need to fill out the CA5403 form. We are able to assist with the completion and sending of CA5403 forms.

An alternative method would be signing into your personal tax account online. Simply create one online if you do not already have one. You will be able to print out your national insurance number as well as check on your national insurance number contributions and tax information.

Your p60 tax, pension and benefits letters will contain your National Insurance Number.